darin, not Shanghainese. Wearing costumes, ▓they sing Peking Opera together. Chow's songs are dubbed.Siqin, known for roles

as powerful, domina▓nt older women, now plays an ordinary woman (no name given) who lives alone in rather shabby circums

tances and cares f▓or her difficult, net-surfing nephew ▓over the summer.Chow, famed for playing major figures in historical dramas and action films, pla▓ys Pan Zhichang, a retired unemployed man, another Peking Opera fan - charmin

family and take care of▓ her grandchildren. Zhang Xiuying, one Sunzhuang villager said "I'll cook rice and meat."Now the famil▓y can eat whatever they

want, but 30 years ago, that was impossible. Like farmers across the countr▓y, people in Sunzhuang Village worked for production teams▓, basic farming unit

s of the time. Th▓ey handed in what they'd grown to the team, and got allotments of grain in return. And this amount wa▓s the same, however much o

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